Hi everyone,

Our fresh garlic season is about to begin.

The season will begin with the SCAPE harvest.
The season is short, so order soon.
You can really use garlic scapes any way you would use green onions, chives, or garlic cloves. When it comes to cooking with garlic scapes, the opportunities are truly endless. Because they are so hardy, garlic scapes make a great substitute for green beans in stir-fries. You can also use them in omelettes, frittatas, homemade pesto, vinaigrettes, on pizzas, or mixed in a compound butter for a touch of mild garlicky flavor.

Sign in to our contact page or apply for the 2 garlic recipe books and we will advise you when we have the first crop for 2021

The Garlic season is looking great so far and we expect a good crop of Our Garlic.

You can email directly to larabygarlic@shaw.ca