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To take an advantage of some things you can make, we are providing for FREE, 2 Books that contain over 200 recipes (92 pages and 80 pages) that show Garlic being one of the most versatile herbs out there.
You can even make attractants for fishing and wonderful garlic ice cream the kids will love.

This is why there is so much garlic history.

In 1992 Lalitha (co-owner of Rasa Creek Farm) was commissioned to put together a book on the use of herbs that would be easily accessible to the general public. The result was 10 Essential Herbs, which has since sold over 30,000 copies in five languages. Garlic is, of course, one of the 10 Essentials and while many people already know about garlic as a powerful antibiotic and fungicide, it’s the rare individual who can use this amazing little herb to its full potential. Lalitha spent eleven years in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts training as a Master of Herbalism under the tutelage of renowned herbalist, Eva Graf.

It would be impossible to recreate the clear and fun way in which 10 Essential Herbs is laid out in book form, so we’re not even going to try. Instead, we’ve decided to make the entire chapter on garlic available to you for FREE.  Be sure to read the “Introduction” and “How To” chapters also since they’re full of important tools needed to make optimal use of the garlic remedies. And when you’re ready to add the other 9 Essentials to your arsenal of herbal remedies come back and order the entire book.

You can download just Chapter 6 here for the section on Garlic.

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