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Hi Everyone,

Our 2021 Season is over, and we had a WONDERFUL crop. It is too bad that we ran out of stock before the end of August and left many of you without your needs being filled.

So, for 2022, please call or email and book what your needs will be and we will book this for you assuming we have another great year.250-317-8885 larabygarlic@shaw.ca

We will have 4 types of garlic in 2022.

  • Mostly white bulb wrappers, with reddish clove wrappers.
  • Big heat and big flavour, Leningrad stays with you for a long time. Our favourite porcelain.
  • 4-6 cloves per bulb.

  • Strong colouring on the bulb wrappers, with reddish brown clove wrappers.
  • Red Russian is excellent for baking, with medium heat and a sweet taste.
  • 5-7 cloves per bulb.

  • Newfoundland Heritage has been grown on the south coast of Newfoundland for 300-400 years.
  • White bulb wrappers with purple striping, the clove wrappers are reddish-brown.
  • Medium heat and good flavour in large bulbs.
  • 8-12 cloves per bulb.

  • Georgian Fire is from the Republic of Georgia.
  • White to fairly pronounced purple colours on the bulb wrappers, with reddish clove wrappers.
  • Georgian Fire has a hot lively taste and stores well.
  • 4-6 cloves per bulb.

We still have some awesome garlic powder, garlic salt and addictive garlic scape pesto. $10, $15, $20

About Us

LARABY Garlic Farm is a small family run farm specializing in the production of NATURAL GOURMET GARLIC.

We know that food grown on healthy land with healthy farming is healthy food. We act as stewards of this land, caring for its health to support yours.

Our family has a history of gardening. At Laraby Garlic we are proud to grow the food that feeds your families. Thank you for supporting this tradition.

We regularly add new pick-up sites and delivery times. Check to find a spot near you! If you have questions about delivery or pick-up options, drop us a line!

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About Garlic

There are over 600 named varieties (and counting) of garlic which are grouped into two main subspecies — ophioscorodon (hardneck) and sativum (soft neck) — and then typically further classified into the following ten major categories for types of garlic:

Hardnecks: Asiatic, Turban, Creole, Rocambole, Porcelain, Purple Stripe, Marbled Purple Stripe, and Glazed Purple Stripe.
Softnecks: Artichoke and Silverskin.

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Types of Garlic

Asiatic Garlic Artichoke Garlic Glazed Purple Stripe Porcelain Garlic Rocambole Garlic Turban Garlic

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